The Blind Brook Jellyfish, FTC Team 4654, was founded in 2010 by our current adviser Mr. Giglio. Mr. Giglio has helped to inspire a curiosity and interest in technology in our team. The diversity of our members and our dedication to the team allows us to learn from each other and build on each other’s ideas. In addition to Mr. Giglio, we receive support from our community and school. The team relies on local businesses and our district for funding, which is used to purchase the materials and tools needed for the robot.

The team inspires others by reaching out to members of the community with incredible enthusiasm. Club fair showcases, Board of Education presentations, and educating younger students in robotics are common occurrences. Also, the technology we have is integral to our team, as it influences our design and what we provide to the community. We incorporate technologies such as laser cutting, to facilitate custom designs for us and for others seeking engineering assistance, and 3D printing, for creating useful contraptions used in various ways. In addition, the team constantly provides resources to FIRST and it’s local communities respectively. We are always happy to help others, like mentoring rookie teams and providing programming and organizational assistance. The team publishes open source code and resources yearly, such as our op-mode generator for the RES-Q game mode in 2015-2016, and 3D print models we’ve used for our robots.

The team meets almost every day after school, and many incredibly dedicated members also show up on other days to get additional work done. During these meetings, we have analyzed the challenge, developed solutions, and built accordingly. We are excited to compete and learn from the experience, and from other teams!