The Blind Brook Jellyfish, FTC Team 4654, was founded in 2010 by our current advisor, Mr. Giglio. The team has inspired others by reaching out to the community with incredible enthusiasm. Club fair showcases, advocating STEM at Board of Education presentations, and educating younger students in robotics are the foundations of our team. We helped our school board design a Fabrication Lab, a wing dedicated solely to STEM. It will include advanced tools, allowing students to create complex projects and learn about the engineering process. 

Last year, we contacted our elementary school about creating an FLL team, as many kids were interested. Sadly, the administration opposed it. In order to foster the younger kids’ interest, we started our own program for them called Junior Jellies,  a seven week program for fourth and fifth graders to learn how to build a robot, code, and compete. We even made the front page on the news! In the spirit of FIRST, it teaches students not only about the engineering design process but mainly about concepts like Coopertition and Gracious Professionalism.

We are starting a CAD program  this year for middle and high school students. There is a huge jump in skill levels required when moving from the middle school to the high school engineering programs. We believed that there needed to be  a middle step, and that we needed to help students ease their way into more advanced 3D modelling.

What we give to the community, we get back. We host various fundraisers, such as video game tournaments, which are not only a fun way to earn money, but also provide opportunities to promote our team and enlist new members.