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Fabrication Lab Plans

The Blind Brook Jellyfish have been influential in gaining support from the community for a “Fab Lab”, or Fabrication Lab, to the Middle/High School building. The expansion, set to be undertaken during the 2019-2020 school year, will provide a proper workspace for students to explore projects in technology and engineering, inspiring them with the possibilities…

About Our New Website

As you may have noticed, our new website looks completely different compared to our old one and even incorporates a new URL. This is as we have virtually rebuilt the site from scratch, and we are using completely new systems. Content Management Our previous system of using custom code built with bootstrap. That gave us…


Welcome to the new website. There will be some more changes in the future, but this will be the primary structure of the site. Please excuse anything that breaks here over the course of the next few weeks. Our old domain currently just redirects here but will stop functioning in a few days.

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