The Tele-Op Mode Simulator is a custom made clone of FIRST’s API, which interacts with a simulator instead of the robot. The simulator itself is a digital recreation of the field and a robot, complete with motors and servos. Although the simulator is not able to perfectly simulate the robot’s movements, precision is not the goal of the program. The main purposes are to be able to test that the code runs correctly and that the robot is generally doing what it’s supposed to do. The team programmers are now able to do this without having to mess with the phones or disrupt the builders. The simulator displays motor and servo information critical to the robot as it runs to help the debugging process. It works with both autonomous and tele-op modes as it can be run with a gamepad connected to the computer to control the robot. It’s open sourced on GitHub for other teams to use and contribute. It’s easy to change the setup to allow any sort of robot to be simulated and to add extra functionality that other op modes may use.

To use this: Place your op-mode in com.qualcomm.ftcrobotcontroller.opmodes, and then change the initialization of opMode in

Do note: This program runs as if it were connected to the robot, so to drive, please plug your two gamepads into the computer it is running on